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headshot of Leslie C. Lander

Leslie C. Lander

Graduate Director

Computer Science


Website: http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~lander

My degrees are in mathematics and I have taught mathematics in Europe and South America. I started to teach computer science in South America and then came to Binghamton. My main activities are in programming languages and aspects of software engineering. I have published work on the Ada language and have chaired the local ACM SigAda Chapter. Current interest is in a variety of programming paradigms, but especially object-oriented programming and design patterns.


  • BA, Cambridge University
  • MSc, PhD, University of Liverpool

Research Interests

  • Programming languages
  • programming paradigms
  • formal aspects of software engineering


  • 2013-14: University's Outstanding Graduate Director Award
  • 2005-06: Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service