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headshot of Melissa Carlson

Melissa Carlson

Adjunct Lecturer

Computer Science


Melissa Carlson is a senior software engineer at IBM Corp. with over three decades of experience in the design and development of virtualization in mainframe operating systems. Her roles have included project management and providing technical education internally and to customers. 

Carlson received her bachelor's in computer science/mathematics from the University of Rochester and master's in education from Binghamton University.


  • Patents

    • US7793299B2 - System and method for scheduling tasks for execution
    • US8001540B2 - System
    • method and program product for control of sequencing of data processing by different programs
    • US7328437B2 - Management of locks in a virtual machine environment
    • US7251815B2 - Multiple virtual machines sharing processor and work queue in memory having program/dispatch functions for assigning and accessing work items while the virtual machine was not idle