Computer Architecture and Hardware Design

Faculty working in this area

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Kanad Ghose Ghose's Research Group
Patrick H. Madden Optimality Research Group
Dmitry Ponomarev Architecture for Security Lab
Seunghee Shin Shin's Group

Highlights in this area

Patrick Madden researches heterogeneous and integrated circuit physical design automation, with an emphasis on placement and routing. Work in this area involves NP-Hard problems that scale with Moore's Law, and computationally efficient heuristics that obtain near-optimal solutions are a primary focus, from both a theoretical and practical perspective.  

Dmitry Ponomarev has research interests in the intersection of computer architecture and security. His group investigates hardware-supported techniques to protect computer systems from various attack vectors. Specifically, he works on side-channel attacks, hardware-supported-malware detection, trusted execution environments, and secure processors and memory systems in general.  

Seunghee Shin performs research in the fields of computer architecture and systems.