Networking and Mobile Computing

Faculty working in this area

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Kartik Gopalan Operating Systems and Networks Group
Dali Ismail Ismail's Group
Yincheng Jin Jin's Group
Guanhua Yan Cybersecurity Science Laboratory
Yifan Zhang Zhang's Group

Highlights in this area

Kartik Gopalan researches experimental computer systems, including virtualization, cloud computing, security, distributed systems and networks. He heads the Operating Systems and Networks (OSNET) Group, where he works with students on new ways to build and use virtual machines, containers and hypervisors. Some recent projects include virtualization for bare-metal cloud, live replacement of hypervisors, live migration and privacy-preserving VMs.  

Dali Ismail is working on developing protocols for low-power wide area networks to enable wide area IoT applications.  

Yincheng Jin researches HCI, accessibility and healthcare to make people be healthier and live in more intelligent environment. Toward this vision, he develops novel machine learning models and apply them to enable human-centered AI, such as understanding human actions and people‚Äôs daily activities; and advance health monitoring and develop new accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) community.  

Guanhua Yan is interested in cybersecurity for large-scale networked and distributed systems. He directs the Cybersecurity Science Laboratory. Along with his students, he is working on mobile network security, IoT security, malware classification, intrusion detection, AI security and safety, and critical infrastructure protection.  

Yifan Zhang researches networking and computer systems. His recent projects converge at the intersection of edge computing, cloud computing, mobile computing and machine learning systems.