Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models

Faculty working in this area

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Patrick H. Chen Chen's Group
Kenneth Chiu Chiu's Group
Shiqi Zhang Autonomous Intelligent Robotics Group
Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang Multimedia Research Lab

Highlights in this area

Patrick H. Chen focuses on the fundamental, uncertainty and efficiency aspects of machine learning. To make models reliably applicable, his research group studies the fundamental aspects of ML, such as factualness and robustness, and analyzes uncertainty issues in various applications, such as continual learning. To make models more efficient for practical usage, his research focuses on compressing machine learning models to make them deployable on devices with limited memory, and accelerating the training and inference time of machine learning models to meet latency requirements.  

Shiqi Zhang researches robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and human-robot interaction (HRI). He leads the Autonomous Intelligent Robotics (AIR) research group, whose goal is to develop intelligent mobile robots that are able to interact with people, provide services to people, and learn from this experience, in human-inhabited, collaborative environments.  

Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang researches machine learning and artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery, multimedia indexing and retrieval, computer vision and image understanding, and pattern recognition. Accordingly, he is currently working on several projects in these areas including LLM compression, multimodal data learning, out of domain learning, learning with noise and novelty learning.