Computer Systems, Cloud/Edge Computing and High-Performance Computing

Faculty working in this area

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Kenneth Chiu Chiu's Group
Kanad Ghose Ghose's Research Group
Kartik Gopalan Operating Systems and Networks Group
Madhusudhan Govindaraju Cloud and Big Data Lab
Michael J. Lewis Lewis' Research Group
Seunghee Shin Shin's Group
Zhen Xie Xie's Group
Ping Yang Yang's Group
Yifan Zhang Zhang's Group

Highlights in this area

Kartik Gopalan researches experimental computer systems, including virtualization, cloud computing, security, distributed systems and networks. He heads the Operating Systems and Networks (OSNET) Group, where he works with students on new ways to build and use virtual machines, containers and hypervisors. Some recent projects include virtualization for bare-metal cloud, live replacement of hypervisors, live migration and privacy-preserving VMs.  

Madhusudhan Govindaraju researches distributed systems, cloud computing, big data, and high-performance computing.  

Seunghee Shin researches computer architecture and systems.  

Zhen Xie researches high-performance computing (HPC) with a focus on the interaction between machine learning algorithms and system-level performance optimization.

  • System for Machine Learning: building modern ML/DL algorithms and systems on heterogeneous and parallel HPC architectures (e.g., GPUs and AI accelerators).
  • High-Performance Computing: automatic performance optimization on HPC applications with the aid of machine learning.
  • Scientific Machine Learning: accelerating HPC applications using machine learning-based approximation.  

Ping Yang researches information and systems security, privacy, AI-based security, trustworthy AI and virtual machine security. She is the director of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity at Binghamton University. Her recent research projects focus on improving the accuracy, real-time responsiveness, robustness and explainability of AI-based security solutions.  

Yifan Zhang researches networking and computer systems. His recent projects converge at the intersection of edge computing, cloud computing, mobile computing and machine learning systems.