Resources for people with disordered eating and eating disorders at Binghamton University

Stress, a full schedule of classes, perhaps a job too, stir in some late-night studying or partying, and you have the recipe for disordered eating. Add in a large measure of anxiety about weight and body image, and you may have the makings of a full-fledged eating disorder.

It's common for all of us at times to focus on eating as a way to cope with feeling blue or blah, but sometimes this can become a primary preoccupation causing feelings of depression, problems in relationships and many health problems due to poor eating habits.

Fortunately, the University has a number of services that are here to help us put our eating back in balance. All services are free and confidential.

Here is a brief description of the services available. Contact them directly for more information and to set up appointments.


Location: LN -1202

The Counseling Center offers a limited number of individual counseling and psychotherapy to assess and preliminarily address the causes and symptoms of disordered eating, as well as determine and provide for additional treatment options and referrals as needed or desired. Psychotherapy can help to identify the reasons that eating gets out of balance and can help a person discover alternative ways to cope. Family and friends can benefit from consulting with a therapist about how best to respond to those they believe may have an eating disorder. Individual appointments can be made by calling the UCC office at 607-777-2772.


Location: Near Newing College

Nurse practitioners, physicians and a psychiatrist are available at the Decker Student Health Services Center to provide the following services related to eating disorders:

  • nutritional therapy
  • medication therapy
  • laboratory testing
  • supportive counseling
  • weight monitoring

You can call 607-777-2221 to set up an appointment.


Contact: Julie Lee, Registered Dietitian
Location: Newing Dining Hall

Available to discuss any nutritional concern or food issues. Eating healthy is a way of life that is difficult to achieve, and sometimes requires the support of others. Together we can develop an individualized plan to meet your nutritional needs and goals. The following services are available:

  • nutritional counseling
  • menu planning
  • special diet monitoring
  • general information about health and nutrition

You can to set up an appointment by calling 607-777-2716.


Location: East Gym-136

Basic services provided by the Wellness Office include:

  • body composition measurements
  • fitness evaluations
  • fitness consultations
  • nutritional consultations
  • general information on campus health and wellness services


Contact: Sarah Thompson, Health and Wellness

The Eating Awareness Steering Committee includes representatives from the University Counseling Center; Decker Student Health Services Center; Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics; and Binghamton University Dining Services. The committee offers educational programs, consultation, and treatment services to students and staff on our campus. It continually assesses the need for and availability of services for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders among Binghamton University students. Its primary mission is to help students maintain healthful and balanced eating habits in order to sustain their academic and personal development throughout their college years and beyond.