Student Emergency Fund

The Binghamton University Student Emergency Fund grant is an award of financial assistance for currently enrolled Binghamton University students experiencing a financial need that is impacting their ability to progress academically and is affecting their overall well-being and/or safety.

Emergency grants are awarded on a case-by-case basis and are not intended to provide relief to a student’s recurring expenses. The awards are not loans and are not expected to be paid back.

Students should apply for funding when their need is beyond their personal or financial ability to reconcile. Students will meet with a case manager to better understand the emergency fund process, further explore resources and find sustainable solutions.

The fund is made possible by generous Binghamton Fund donors and is intended to provide short-term relief for students experiencing financial hardship. Emergency fund amounts vary based on individual needs, and in most cases, the amount does not exceed $500. 

Students cannot apply for the emergency fund more than two times or be granted more than a thousand dollars within 12 months. Additional requests due to extraordinary circumstances can be reviewed at the committee's discretion.

Possible expenses covered by Binghamton Emergency Fund

  • Medications and other costs related to emergency medical care not otherwise covered by insurance
  • Replacement of essential personal items or temporary housing needs due to unforeseen circumstances that impact the student’s well-being and/or safety
  • Travel costs related to death or illness in the immediate family
  • Travel costs related to student’s overall well-being or safety
  • Under special circumstances housing costs may be covered

Limitations of the Emergency Fund

  • Funds should not be used to cover the costs of penalties (internal or external), e.g., laboratory breakage fees, library fines, parking tickets, legal fees or jail bond.

  • Generally funds should not be used for anticipated academic expenses such as books, tuition, student fees.

  • Student applications will be reviewed and funding approval is based on available funds, student’s needs and available options. 

  • All students who apply for the emergency fund have access to case management services. Case managers can provide students support through the process, to explore available resources and to find sustainable solutions.  

Resources to explore and consider

United Way 211

Binghamton Support Network
Binghamton University Food Pantry

Broome County food pantries and soup kitchens:

Broome County Department of Social Services

Broome County WIC Program

Broome County SNAP Benefits

American Civic Association

Catholic Charities of Broome County

Lourdes HOPE Dispensary (medication)
Mother, Babies and Parintel Network

Crime Victims Assistance Center (CVAC)

Fleishman Center HIREBING (Employment Opportunities)


If you need help completing the application below, email our case managers at

Have you received emergency funds in the past?*
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Please know all students must complete a W9 form if awarded funds. For this form to be complete, you must have a social security number or an ITIN number.
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I have reviewed the eligible requirements, I understand and agree to these terms. I am aware that if I do not complete this application fully my application will not be reviewed. 

I understand that I may have to submit additional documentation of the emergency (bill, quote, invoice, etc.). If I fail to do this, a hold may be placed on my student account, and in some situations subject to deregistration. 

I understand that students cannot apply for the emergency fund more than two times or be granted more than a thousand dollars within 12 months. I also understand that for my application to be considered, I will need to complete a W-9 form, and rewarded funds might be regarded as taxable income. 

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, a case manager may contact you via your email; to gather more information, provide additional resources, and/or to inform you if your application is still being considered. Please know your application will not move forward in the process until you respond to any/all correspondence sent from a case manager.

By checking this box you are acknowledging that you have read the eligibility requirements for the emergency fund, are willing to engage in the full process and understand this award is not a loan rather it is intended to provide you with short-term relief for financial hardship.

I agree to the above.*