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Developmental Exposure Alcohol Research Center (DEARC)



Research Focus

The research of the DEARC focuses on the two primary developmental periods during which EtOH exposure occurs: prenatally/postnatally through maternal use (including in breast milk) and during adolescence.

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DEARC's collaborative and multidisciplinary research venture is to understand the functional and neural effects of alcohol exposure throughout brain development — including the key developmental transitions of adolescence.


To understand mechanisms by which alcohol affects the developing brain and the developing brain affects the response to alcohol, and to use this knowledge as a platform for generating novel intervention/prevention strategies.

Dr. Linda Spear, 2017 Huttenlocher Award Recipient
The Huttenlocher award commemorates a senior scientist who has made outstanding and significant contributions to the field of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. Dr. Spear's work has had a significant and enduring impact on the manner in which we conceptualize and investigate the neural basis of development.

Dr. Steven Youngentob - Journal of Neurophysiology Podcast
Listen to Dr. Youngentob discuss his recent article, "Reduced neural responses to the taste of alcohol following fetal alcohol exposure," here:

T32 Training

This T32 training program provides highly qualified pre- and post-doctoral trainees with an interdisciplinary program that focuses on research into developmental influences on drug and alcohol use from a translational perspective.

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Last Updated: 1/24/18