Orientation checklist

Below is a list of items you need to complete prior to beginning the MPH program.

1. Complete Graduate School checklist

Review and complete the items on the Graduate School's New Student Information and Next Steps webpage. That webpage contains a checklist (helpful reminders) for new graduate students covering items hat includes items such as parking permits, student ID cards, University health forms, finalizing financing, ordering textbooks and more. 

2. Request for transfer of credit

If you have graduate-level coursework you believe is eligible for transfer or waiver of credit, submit a Graduate School Request for Transfer of Credit form. The form and the Graduate School's policy about transferring credits are both presented in the Graduate School Manual.

3. Review registration and advising information

Before attending a group advising session, review the information on this hub's Registration and Advising webpage so you are familiar with how to navigate BU Brain and look up course information.

4. Read and agree to policies and procedures

Decker College graduate students must read and agree to adhere to the policies and procedures within the University Student Code of Conduct, Binghamton University Bulletin and Graduate School Manual. All students must sign an acknowledgment form before starting the program. Information about these documents (and a link to the acknowledgment form) is presented on this hub's Policies and Procedures webpage