Registration and Advising


To prepare for your first semester, review the inforamtion below prior to attending a group advising registration session. 

Follow the steps below to successfully register for your first semester:

  1. Locate and print your program’s curriculum plan. Find your curriculum plan on the MPH website.
  2. Carefully review your curriculum worksheet and identify suggested courses to complete in your first semester. Note: Click “Make a Copy” when prompted to save an editable copy of the worksheet to your personal Google drive. 
  3. Use the Schedule of Classes to search for the courses you have selected to register for in your first semester. The Schedule of Classes provides useful information regarding class descriptions, meeting times, location and additional details.
  4. Review the How to Register webpage for necessary information about the registration process. 
  5. Check your registration time ticket using the BU Brain (learn about BU Brain).
  6. Register!


Professional advising is provided through Decker College's Division of Advising and Academic Excellence. Additionally, prior to advanced registration for your second semester, you will be assigned a faculty advisor via email.

Your faculty advisor is a valuable resource to help you navigate future course content, understand graduate policies and procedures and explore career goals.