Among the cutting-edge equipment in the MARL are: 

12-Camera Motion Analysis System

Motion analysis camera system
Motion analysis camera system

The 12-camera motion analysis system includes the following: 

    • Four Vicon Vantage V5 cameras with custom 5 megapixel sensors at 420Hz full frame, 12.5mm lens and 56-degree secondary optics and 22 high-powered IR LED strobe at 850nm.
    • Six Vicon Vero cameras with 2.2 megapixel sensors at 330Hz with a varifocal lens ranging from 6–12 mm and 850nm IR LED strobe lights.

Participant with sensors using camera motion analysis system
Motion analysis camera system

    • Two Vicon Vue video cameras provide reference video at 60Hz in 1980x1080p (or 120Hz at 1280x720p) with 6–12mm lens.

Computerized Dynamic Posturography System

Posturography system
Posturography system
The Bertec Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) system features immersive virtual reality environments (IVR) within a dome.

This system includes the following: 

    • Bilateral dynamic forceplates with a sampling rate of 1000Hz
    • IVR background for testing and a variety of IVR backgrounds for treatment sessions

Biodex System Dynamometer

The Biodex System 3 Dynamometer is used for isolated muscle testing and rehabilitation. It includes attachments for:

  • hamstrings
  • back
  • ankle
  • hip
  • shoulder
  • trunk
  • pediatrics

Force Plates and Amplifiers

Four AMTI Optima BMS400600-2K force plates and amplifiers can be reconfigured as needed within an 8' x 3' in-floor pit at triaxial forces and moments at 1000Hz.

Portable GAITRite System

GAITRite system
GAITRite system
The Portable GAITRite Platinum Plus System is a 14’ instrumented electronic walkway.

It includes the following features:

  • 16,128 sensors over a 24” x 168” active area and data capture ranging from 60Hz–180Hz
  • Portable access via a wheeled carrying case for easy storage and transportation

Movement Assessment System

The Delsys Trigno Avanti Research+ System features 16 Trigno Avanti electromyography sensors and two biometrics goniometers.

Eye Tracking System

Eye tracking glasses
Eye tracking glasses
The Tobii Pro Glasses 3 are a head-mounted eye tracker system with a portable recording unit and controller software for Android and Windows. This system includes Pro Lab Analyzer software for gaze mapping, visualization and descriptive analysis. 

Shoe Pressure Measurement System

Shoe pressure measurement system
Shoe pressure measurement system
The F-Scan VersaTek Wireless In-Shoe Pressure Measurement System includes the following features:

  • Ultra-thin (0.15mm), high-resolution (4 sensors/cm2), trimmable sensors with a range of 125psi, resolution of 0.71 psi and sampling rate of 100Hz
  • Portability with real-time WIFI connectivity with a 100m range

Driving Simulator

Two males using a driving simulator
EF-CAR driving simulator
The EF-CAR driving simulator provides realistic vehicle dynamics, consisting of:

  • steering wheel
  • throttle pedal
  • gear shift
  • emergency brake
  • brake pedal

All tasks are conducted in a Society of Automative Engineers (SAE) Level 3 automated driving environment.