Admissions Requirements for the Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology (MS-SLP) Program

  • Before enrollment, applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. 
  • All prerequisite coursework must be completed before enrollment; this coursework is presented on the Speech and Hearing Science minor webpage.
    Speech and Hearing Science minor
  • Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in their undergraduate degree transcript. Initially, applicants can submit an unofficial transcript, but an official transcript will be required following graduation from the undergraduate institution. 
  • Applicants must submit documentation of having completed 25 guided observation hours of speech and language therapy; this documentation must be completed by a therapist holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech and Language Pathology (CCC-SLP). These hours have to be completed prior to being engaged in clinical training.
  • Students are required to submit a letter of intent describing what has drawn them to the field of speech and language pathology, why they are interested in pursuing graduate education and their career aspirations. 
  • Three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the applicant’s readiness for graduate studies are also required. It is recommended that at least two of these letters should be from faculty who taught the applicant during undergraduate studies.  
  • GRE scores are not required.

Applicants selected to move forward (finalists) must complete a recorded interview. Directions and prompts for the interview will be shared with the finalists. 

How to Apply

Required documents

NOTE: Binghamton University cannot currently issue immigration documents needed for F1/J1 status to international applicants to the MS-SLP program. Thus, we cannot admit international students seeking F/J status for the fall 2024 semester.

Application Review and Decision Process

  • The Division of SLP Academic Success and Admissions Committee is charged with reviewing all applicants to determine if an offer of admission will be extended to an applicant. 
  • Consideration of most applicants will be completed before final official transcripts are available. 
  • Successful applicants are offered regular admission contingent on meeting all prerequisites, including minimum GPA upon completion of undergraduate coursework. 
  • All admissions requirements must be met before a student will be permitted to register for fall semester classes.

Holistic Review

The Division of SLP recognizes that applicants can demonstrate their potential for success in more ways than just traditional measures of academic success; therefore, we employ a holistic review process. 

The Division of SLP’s holistic review process considers each aspect of the application materials. For each candidate, all materials are considered carefully as an indicator that the applicant possesses qualities that are known to contribute to successful degree completion. This process allows reviewers to determine if the applicant has the academic qualifications for admission and the skills and experiences that support the conduct of research and facilitate degree completion.

The holistic review process requires that no single factor leads to either accepting a student or excluding the student from admission. One of its key values is the opportunity to recognize that an applicant’s strengths might offset a weakness in another. By carefully considering strengths, achievements and the ways in which an applicant might contribute to the academic environment of the MS-SLP degree program, the Binghamton University Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic and the community. This review process allows for the faculty to identify students most likely to succeed.