Speech and Language Analysis Lab

Faculty and students in the Division of Speech and Language Pathology use the Speech and Language Analysis (SLA) Lab to perform hearing and speech evaluations, conduct research and for coursework in the undergraduate and graduate curricula. 

The SLA Lab opened in November 2021. The lab is located on the fifth floor of the University’s Health Sciences Building in Johnson City, N.Y.


The SLA Lab includes the following:

  • A soundproof audiometric booth where speech language pathologists can conduct audiological assessments
  • An endoscopy system that enables faculty to perform laryngeal or nasal endoscopies to gain detailed views of the vocal tract
  • Six portable audiometers used for hearing screenings in the community and by students 
  • Four workstations equipped with speech acoustic analysis software used to assess voice, articulation and aerodynamics
  • Three workstations where students can perform language analysis using a variety of different language-analysis systems

Funded by a Decker Foundation grant

The equipment within the SLA Lab was funded by a grant from the Dr. G. Clifford and Florence B. Decker Foundation.