Professional Development Workshops

The UDiversity Educational Institute provides a schedule of workshops and other programs to help increase cultural competency across the campus. Many of these trainings are open to the entire campus community, and some are created with specific audiences in mind. Additionally, targeted workshops or trainings may be requested to meet a department or team’s specific needs. 

Workshops may be held in person or online via Zoom technology, and are typically about two hours long. 

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Upcoming workshops

1:00pm - 3:00pm
The Global Intercultural Circle (GIC), co-sponsor with DEI of this workshop, is a national, community-based group dedicated to strengthening individual capacities to understand the intercultural dynamics of their own communities. We meet regularly to consider challenges to mutual understanding and practice the communicative skills needed to engage difference. Because intercultural dynamics include conflict, our aspiration is to enhance our capacity to work through dissonance. We appreciate that we change the world one encounter, one family, one community at a time

We invite you to join us to learn about and experience UNESCO Story Circles, an approach to intercultural learning which is applicable to many community and educational settings. Story Circles is based on the time honored tradition of storytelling. In the UNESCO-designed methodology, participants gather in small groups to share stories of their personal experience with difference, listening to each other to understand the meanings in each other's narratives.

For accommodations or questions, contact / 607-777-4775.

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