Minor Requirements

Students majoring in other disciplines can choose a minor in:

Geology Minor

The Geology Minor is for any student with an interest in the Earth

  • Requirements: Twenty-four credits are required, from courses offered by the department. No more than eight credits may be 100-level courses. The department recommends that at least eight credits be selected from the geology core courses: GEOL 301, 302, 303, and 304.

Geophysics Minor

The Geophysics Minor is primarily for students with some
technical background who wish to learn more about geophysics, the physics of
the earth system.

  • Requirements: The minor requires 24 credits, which include one four-credit 100-level geology course; PHYS 331, 341; GEOL 450, 453; and either GEOL 344 or 416.

Geochemistry Minor

The Geochemistry Minor is for science students (e.g.
chemistry majors) with an interest in the chemical aspects of Earth science.

  • Requirements: The minor requires 24 credits. These include any four-credit 100-level GEOL course; GEOL 470; eight credits from among the following CHEM courses: 221, 351 (one of 221 or 351 is strongly recommended), 231, 332, 341, 422, 452, 482 or 484; eight credits from among the following GEOL courses: 303, 304, 416, 423 or 465.

Please refer to the University Bulletin for details on required courses for these minors.