PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a research-focused program that prepares students for research and development careers in corporate, academic and research lab environments by providing a flexible program of course work to support the research area and an opportunity for extensive independent research on a cutting-edge research topic.

Learning contract

The PhD program meets the needs of each student through an individualized learning program. The program is structured within general guidelines set by the department that establish the scope of the educational experience to be achieved by each student.

The new doctoral student should start to work immediately with his or her adviser to develop a learning contract. The learning contract should identify core courses and concepts that must be mastered in order to provide breadth of background, as well as specialized courses and concepts germane to the proposed area of research.

Requirements for PhD degree

To earn their PhD, students must:

  • Complete courses listed in Learning Contract

  • Satisfy qualifying exam requirement

  • Satisfy comprehensive exam requirement

  • Prepare a dissertation prospectus of proposed research and successfully defend prospectus in an open colloquium

  • Fulfill teaching proficiency requirement

  • Defend their dissertation in an open colloquium