Continuity Planning Tool

Frequently Asked Questions


The Binghamton University Continuity Planning Tool (B-READY) is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet designed to allow each campus office/department/division to develop a Continuity of Operation Plan (COOP). The tool is designed as an effort within individual departments to ensure continuity of their essential functions across a wide range of emergencies and events.

  • Today's changing threat environment and recent emergencies have increased the need for COOP capabilities and plans.
  • COOP planning is part of the fundamental mission of all SUNY campuses.
  • COOP is a statewide initiative to ensure that all state agencies can continue to perform their essential functions under a broad range of circumstances.
  • COOP is also "good business."

Continuity Planning Objectives

Each office/department shall . . .

  • Be capable of implementing its COOP plans with and without warning.
  • Have its COOP operational not later than 12 hours after activation.
  • Be capable of maintaining sustained operations for up to 30 days.
  • Include regularly scheduled testing, training, and exercising of personnel, equipment, systems, processes and procedures used to support the agency during a COOP event.
  • Provide for a regular risk analysis of current alternate operating facilities.
  • Locate alternate facilities in areas where the ability to initiate, maintain and terminate COOP is optimal.
  • Take advantage of existing infrastructures and give consideration to other options such as telecommuting, work-at-home and shared facilities.
  • Consider the distance of the alternate facility from the primary facility.
  • Include development, maintenance, and review of COOP capabilities using a multi-year strategy and program management plan.

Benefits of Continuity Planning:

  • Anticipate events and necessary response actions.
  • Adapt to sudden changes in the operational environment.
  • Improve your performance through the identification of essential functions, work processes and communications methods.
  • Improve management controls by establishing measures for performance.
  • Improve communication to support essential functions throughout the agency.

Download the B-READY spreadsheet

B-READY File (60.3 k)