Annex 28 - Incident Management Team (IMT) Contact List

Incident Management Team (IMT)

Binghamton University maintains an Incident Management Team (IMT) to manage critical incidents and significant planned events on university property and/or impacting university operations. An IMT is a comprehensive resource (a team) intended to serve in an incident management function to include all components/functions of a Command and General Staff. 

The Binghamton University IMT implements policy as determined by the Policy Group while managing the logistical, fiscal, planning, operational, safety and community issues related to an incident, emergency and/or significant planned event.


  • Includes Command and General Staff members and support personnel
  • Has authority and/or formal response requirements and responsibilities
  • Has pre-designated roles and responsibilities for members

The Binghamton University IMT is comprised of members from all campus divisions.

IMT members are eligible to serve in a Command or General Staff position once he/she has completed the following Incident Command System classes:

  • I-100
  • I-200
  • I-700
  • I-800
  • I-300
  • I-400

Position-specific courses are encouraged, but not required for IMT team members.

IMT members who have not yet completed the mandatory training classes shall be classified as an IMT “Trainee” until necessary courses are completed. Trainees will not operate in a Command or General staff position whenever a trained and qualified individual is present.

Planning and Preparedness Responsibilities

IMT members shall provide assistance to the emergency management program regarding the coordination of all emergency management planning, including but not limited resource management, personnel qualifications and equipment certifications.  Members have the authority to recommend changes to emergency plans and preparedness initiatives. The director of emergency management will provide members with regular updates to appropriate policies and procedures for the IMT members to review.

IMT Contact List

This information is confidential and shall only be released to individuals with a need-to-know. Written requests for this information may be submitted to the director of emergency management. The director shall evaluate the request to determine if the information may be released.