Public Safety Radio System

Binghamton University utilizes a public safety radio system that provides emergency response personnel the ability to communicate via two-way radios.  The equipment includes portable, mobile, and base station radios utilizing a proprietary Motorola radio system.

Contingency Procedures in Case of Hardware Failure

Failure of a mobile or portable radio

If an individual radio experiences a technical malfunction, that radio should be removed from service and tagged with an explanation of the problem.  

  • Portable radio failure: The user may temporarily use a spare radio.  If no spare is available, the user may select a radio assigned to another individual but not currently in use.  A spare battery should be maintained at full charge to ensure the radio may  be used when the assigned individual needs it.
  • Mobile radio failure: The user should utilize a portable radio, or request to be assigned to another vehicle (if available).

Failure of the Base Station (due to technical failure or loss of access to space)

Portable and mobile radios will continue to be fully functional and able to be used for communication.

  • NYSUP 911 dispatchers should move to the backup dispatch center (if available).
    • If unavailable, dispatchers should temporarily utilize an available portable or mobile radio for communications.
  • The Broome County Office of Emergency Services communication van may be requested to support University operations.  This vehicle provides full radio, telephone, and CAD capabilities.  Availability of this vehicle will be at the discretion of Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

Failure of a Radio Repeater

If a repeater fails the frequencies associated with that repeater will no longer work.  The base stations, portable and mobile radios are all programmed with "talk around" frequencies.  The radio users would need to manually switch to the approriate talk around channel in order to communicate.  Communication would be limited to line-of-site distances.

Radio repeaters are located in the Couper Administration Building, the University Downtown Center, and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

When a failure of a repeater occurs, an appropriately trained and equipped vendor must be contacted to perform repairs.

Office of Emergency Management Nofitication

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) should be notified of all radio system failures.  OEM will work with partner agencies to facilite temporary solutions as well as repairs.