Appendix C - Incident Command System (ICS) Checklists

This appendix includes the checklists for all positions of the Incident Command System. Individuals serving in the various ICS positions during an emergency will utilize these checklists as guidance on the types of activities for which they are responsible.

The checklists should be used as guides for activities and are not meant to be prescriptive. Users of the checklists should feel free to augment the lists as necessary. Note that some of the activities are one-time actions whereas others are ongoing or repetitive for the duration of the incident.

Position-specific checklists can be found on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI) website.

Under the direction of the University president or designee, the Policy Group provides direction in making strategic policy decisions for any incident that impacts the University's ability to perform its critical business functions. This group has the authority to proclaim University emergencies and to issue directives regarding the status and resumption of University research and education programs. The Policy Group is responsible for notifying and informing key University constituents and stakeholders, including SUNY system administration.
_____   Receive briefing from the Incident Management Team (IMT) Incident Commander to address the situation status.
_____   Issue emergency communications as necessary.
_____   The University president, or designee, leads the Policy Group in making critical policy decisions regarding University response and recovery.
_____   Work with the Incident Commander and Public Information Officer to develop messages for the following audiences:
  • Students, staff, faculty and visitors of Binghamton University
  • Deans and directors of research and University programs
  • Faculty Senate
  • Professional Staff Senate
  • SUNY Chancellor's Office
  • Local elected officials
  • Other government entities
_____   Issue official emergency policy statements, orders and notices to support and manage the University's emergency response and recovery operations.
_____   Guide Incident Commander on policy level decisions.
_____   Ensure that policy decisions are communicated to affected students, faculty and staff.
_____  Authorize funding of emergency projects exceeding existing funding levels.
_____  Provide direction and vision to the University and the University campus EOC for the program recovery and post-event restoration.
_____  Issue executive policies to direct and support service and program recovery.
_____  Provide official contact to elected officials to petition state and federal disaster assistance programs for the University.
_____  Conduct post-disaster briefings to identify key lessons learned for the improvement of the University Emergency Management Program.