Graduate Travel Funding

R&A Instructions:

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    • Complete all Traveler Info as well as Trip Info.
    • Additional information:
      • You must explain how your classes will be covered - if this is left blank it will not get approved.
    • Travel information:
      • Your contact will be Colleen Burke, 607-777-2417
    • Financial information:
      • Funding source: Please keep the drop down on NYS
      • Account number: write in XXX - this will be edited by the department before approval
      • Amount: Please estimate total cost of the trip
      • Justification for hotel expense over per diem: If you might be staying at a hotel over the per diem rate, please note why. For example: “staying at conference hotel to avoid transportation costs”
    • Approval information:

Graduate Student Travel Funding Information:

Who is eligible for travel funding?

  • PhD students who are in their first four years of the program.

What kind of travel can be reimbursed?

  • One trip per academic year (up to $500) for a conference that the student is presenting at:
    • The department must be provided with proof of the presentation

What steps need to be taken before and after travel?

  • An R&A form must be filled out at least three weeks before the trip. This must be approved prior to departure:
    •  If you are not funded:
      Please email Colleen ( for the appropriate form.
  • Within 7 days of returning hardcopies of all documentation must be turned in to Colleen Burke during normal business hours M-F 8-4pm.  Please make sure that your travel paperwork is complete prior to submitting it and that you have each of the items listed below for each of the charges you wish to be reimbursed for.  Without the following documentation NYS will not cover the expense:
    • Full (itemized) receipts for anything the traveler would like reimbursement for
    • Bank statements showing the specific transactions as well as the traveler’s name/account number
    • Backup material from the conference (invites, schedules, programs or posters showing the traveler’s participation)
  • It’s important that all documentation gets submitted on time to ensure enough time to gather the materials needed, create the voucher, and get the required signatures. The travel reimbursements must be stamped as received in the  business office (and 100% accurate) within 30 days of traveler’s return.

Traveling as a group:

  • This is not recommended as reimbursements can get complicated when traveling as a group and the traveler will often receive less than when traveling alone.


Please contact Colleen Burke at