Undergraduate Publications


Crossings was established to encourage and openly facilitate collaborative projects which, while rigorous in practice and astute in vision, are neither adjudicated by nor answerable to, purely academic protocols. That is to say, we understand the purpose of our journal to be the bringing together of academics and non-academics, technicians and theorists, artists and policymakers, within selected fields of inquiry in order that their ideas — textual, interactive, imagistic — may be exchanged and that through this exchange fruitful collaborations might be forged.

Harpur Palate

Harpur Palate is an international journal edited by graduate and undergraduate students at Binghamton University. We have published the likes of Virgil Suárez, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Eileen Tabios and Ilsa J. Bick (Writer's of the Future runner-up).

Publishing Philosophy: There are many literary journals across the country that are averse to publishing genre-oriented fiction because they believe that it is not "literary." However, the editorial staff of Harpur Palate believes that a literary journal should reflect the work of the students in the creative writing program. Binghamton's creative writing students express themselves in both speculative and realistic fictions. Speculative fiction such as magical realism and fabulism are beginning to receive attention in commercial and academic circles. Literary journals publishing poetry are becoming less open to forms and longer verse; however, poets who favor these forms should also be given the opportunity to publish their work. The editorial staff of Harpur Palate believes that writers should have a venue for their work — whether their fiction falls under the categories of genre or literary, or their poetry is a popular or unpopular form — in a quality literary journal.


Ellipsis is Binghamton University's SA-chartered undergraduate literary journal. Ellipsis welcomes poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction submissions from Binghamton University undergraduate students. We value prose and poetry in both its written and spoken form and host open mic nights to allow students to orally display their work. Any Binghamton University undergraduate student interested in submitting to Ellipsis or helping its editors are encouraged to contact Ellipsis.