Spring 2024 English Department Advising Hours




Professor Susan Strehle 
Graduate Director/4+1 Advising 

LN 1149
Wed 10-12; 1-2 (other days by appt)

Professor Libby Tucker
Undergraduate Director 

LN 1146

Tues 10:30-12 (in-person)

Thurs 1-3 (via Zoom)
ID 914 2096 3933

Professor Michael Sharp 
General Advising

LNG 44

Fri 10-12 (via Zoom email for link)

Professor Katie Kadue 
General Advising 

LNG 24

Wed 12-2

Professor Joe Weil 
General Advising 

LNG 35

Mon 10-12

Wed 10-11

Harpur Academic Advising hours: 10 am - noon & 1 pm - 4 pm

  • Declaring a Major

    Students may declare an English Major any time after their first-semester freshman year.

    Students must meet with an English Adviser to declare their major.  English Advisers and office hours are posted on the department website. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What are your department hours?
    The English Department is open from 8 am - 4 pm Monday-Friday during the academic year. Summer hours are 8 am - 4 pm.

    How do I contact an English instructor?
    The best way to contact an instructor is by emailing them or you can come into the English Department (LN 1149) and refer to the list of contact information for English Department instructors. The list contains email addresses, office locations, and office hours and it is updated each semester. The list is posted on the bulletin board to the right of the door to the main office.

    How do I declare, change, or drop my major?
    If you wish to declare an English major or change your concentration, please see an English Advisor. If you wish to drop your English major, email Donna Berg, in the English Department.

    What are the different English majors?
    Note: You may declare only ONE major within a department.

    • English

    • English: Creative Writing

    • English: Rhetoric

    Can you minor in English?

    I need help with my writing. Is there any free academic help offered? 
    The Writing Initiative is located in LN 2412, for writing help.

    How do I know who my advisor is?
    A list of the English Department Advisers, along with their office hours on the department website.   You may see any Adviser.

    How do I know when my instructor has office hours?
    Office hours are posted in the English department LN 1149. This information is updated each semester.

    I took an English course years ago and now I need an official course description. Is it possible for you to send me one?
    Most likely. Please provide the instructor's name, the course number, the course title, the semester and year. You can contact the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, Donna Berg with your request.

    The class that I want to take is full. How do I petition into the class?
    The English department is no longer accepting petitions to get into classes that are full. If a course has the Waitlist feature, you may add yourself to the Waitlist.

    I tried to register and it says I need departmental permission, what does this mean?
    It means there is a restriction on the course. Please contact the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, Donna Berg,  

    I tried to register and it says I need permission of instructor, what does this mean?

    It means there is a restriction on the course.  Please contact the instructor via email. 

    I am supposed to graduate and haven't fulfilled my requirements yet. What do I do?
    See or email Donna Berg, 

    If I take two different courses in different semesters that both have the same course number and letter (i.e., ENG 300N), will I get credit for both courses?
    Yes, as long as they are different course titles.

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