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headshot of Leslie L. Heywood

Leslie L. Heywood


English, General Literature and Rhetoric

Research Interests

  • Sports studies
  • 20th-century literature
  • feminist and critical theory
  • creative writing
  • Gender Studies
  • Science Studies
  • Third Wave Feminism
  • Globalization & the Environment
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headshot of Robert A. Holahan

Robert A. Holahan

Associate Professor

Environmental Studies Program

Research Interests

  • Environmental Policy
  • Political Science and Sustainability

Teaching Interests

  • Introduction to Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Sustainability and Urban Policy
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • American Public Policy
  • Global Environmental Politics
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headshot of Carl  P. Lipo

Carl P. Lipo

Professor; Associate Dean for Research and Programs

Environmental Studies Program; Anthropology; Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Research Interests

  • Evolution of Past Human Populations
  • Models of Cultural Transmission
  • Methods in Remote Sensing, Geophysics
  • North American Prehistory, Prehistory of the Pacific

Teaching Interests

  • The Dynamic Earth
  • Environmental Studies Introductory Course
  • Environmental Planning
  • Various Upper-Division/Graduate Classes in Anthropology/Archaeology
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headshot of Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell

Assistant Professor

Biological Sciences

Research Interests

  • Ecological speciation
  • Adaptation to environmental change
  • Coevolution
  • Evolution and physiology of life history timing in insects
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headshot of Hiroki Sayama

Hiroki Sayama


Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Research Interests

  • Complex systems
  • Complex dynamical networks
  • Human and social dynamics
  • Artificial life/chemistry
  • Interactive systems
  • Complex systems education
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