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FRI OFFICE Phone: (607) 777-5523


Visit Us at Admitted Students Open House!
Special 2019 FRI Open House Events
Admitted Students Open Houses - Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 14th

8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
FRI Faculty Presentations and Student Panel - Lecture Hall 1
Take this opportunity to learn more about FRI through faculty presentations and a student panel.

11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Lab Tours
Join us for a closer look at our labs! We will be offering the following tours:

  • Saturday, April 6th
    • Science 1 - Biogeochemistry
    • Science 3 - Ecological Genetics & Microbial Biofilms in Human Health
  • Sunday, April 14th
    • Science 1 - Environmental Visualization
    • Science 2 - Smart Energy & Biomedical Chemistry

12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Meet and Greet - Old Union Hall
Stop by to meet with Harpur faculty and advisors, as well as FRI representatives!



Dr. Megan Fegley's headshotMegan Fegley


Office: S3-186B

Phone: (607) 777-5525



Dr. Nancy Stamp's head shot, Fall 2018

Nancy Stamp


Office: S3-373

Phone: (607) 777-6533


Dr. Michelle Withers' headshot, Fall 2018

Michelle Withers

STEM Educator

Office: S3-108

Phone: (607) 777-3406


Dr. George Mindl's Head shot fall 2018

George Meindl

Outreach Coordinator

Office: S3-377

Phone: (607) 777-6793


Anita Cipolla's head shot fall 2018

Anita Cipolla

Office Assistant 2

Office: S3-186A

Phone: (607) 777-5523



Graduate Assistants: Michael Borelli and Kelin Boldiis, S3-186

Research Educators/research assistant professors

Dr. Caitlin Light's headshot, Fall 2018

Caitlin Light


Office: S3-G82, Lab: S3-G21 



Dr. Jonathan Schmitkons' headshot, Fall 2018

 Jonathan Schmitkons


Office: S1-157, Lab: S1-138



Dr. Flynn's headshot, Fall 2018

Susan Flynn

Biomedical Chemistry

Office: S2-119, Lab: S2-G11



Dr. Jodi Dowthwaite's head shot, fall 2018

Jodi Dowthwaite

Community & Global Public Health

Office: S3-228, Lab: S3-B72



Dr. Lua Lopez Perez's headshot, Fall 2018

Lua Lopez Perez

Ecological Genetics

Office S3-234



Dr. Timothy de Smet's headshot, Fall 2018

Timothy de Smet

Environmental Visualization

Office: S1-157, Lab: S1-G59



                                   Umur Cittci

                                     Image & Acoustic Signals Analysis

                                     Office: EB G18, Lab: ES 2303


                                  Huiyuan Yang

                                    Image & Acoustic Signals Analysis

                                    Office: EB G18, Lab: ES 2303


Dr. Deborah Kreiss' headshot, Fall 2018

Deborah Kreiss 


Office: S4-221, Lab: S4-219



Dr. Michel Shamoon Pour's headshot, Fall 2018

Michel Shamoon Pour 

Molecular & Biomedical Anthropology

Office: S3-220, Lab: S3-B75



Dr. Lilian Karam's headshot, Fall 2018

Liliana Karam

Smart Energy

Office: S2-118, Lab: S2-G08



Last Updated: 3/20/19