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Biogeochemistry Research Stream

The Earth’s biogeochemical cycles, for instance, levels of carbon dioxide in the air, oceans and land, are challenged by the increase in human populations and, therefore land-use, around the world. To understand these challenges and, thus, how best to address those in an ever-changing world, this research stream uses state-of-the-art techniques in both field and lab work. The research carried out by freshman students in the Biogeochemistry research stream at Binghamton University focuses in particular on watersheds.

A key component of the FRI program is that students learn to work in teams -- because that is how researchers tackle the complexity of biogeochemical cycles and determine what can be done to safeguard vital processes. The students create a research proposal, based on the protocols and equipment they have learned to use.  Subsequently, they conduct the research they have proposed. This process develops interpersonal and communication skills and critical thinking, along with an array of advanced technical skills. 





Last Updated: 7/17/17