GIS Core Facility Applications

The following applications were created using ArcGIS Online. We have an ArcGIS Online Organization Account and you can join! Instructions for access.

Our facility is also actively assisting other faculty and students from various departments with aspects of their research that involve Geo-Technologies.

Johnson City Redevelopment: The Health Sciences Campus

We are developing a Story Map that will track the neighborhood changes that are occurring surrounding the newly built School of Pharmacy and the relocation of the School of Nursing. Our GIS Facility and Geography Department are working closely with the University President and other key officials, who have bought into the technology. We have Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate students involved with various aspects of the project. The neighborhood where the school is being built is currently struggling with crime, vacant properties, and poverty. We believe gentrification will occur in this area and want to track both the good and bad effects of these processes. We will be able to track changes by looking at the same datasets over time.

Upstate Revitalization Initiative

The Southern Tier Region of New York State was a top award winner in the Upstate Revitalization Initiative competition. We created several maps showing project types and locations. These were included in the final report and in a small way, helped to win the $500 million dollars. Since then, we have worked closely with President Stenger in finding ways to monitor the projects and the economic revitalization that comes with them. Part of the effort is the creation of a easy to use online mapping application to monitor project progress.

Community Based Student Opportunities

We created an easy to use web application that allows students to explore locations where they can volunteer throughout the community. Useful information on the map shows students where these opportunities are and how to get to them using public transportation as many do not have vehicles. The map is continually updated to reflect changing transportation routes and work opportunities.

Campus Map

The web map has a wealth of information at your fingertips including links to department websites, on demand Google Streetview, floor plans of buildings, and a variety of clickable layers including bus stops and routes, food places, athletic locations, parking lots, and more. The application also offers the ability to print as well as a geolocation function for smartphones.

Campus Memorial Markers

This is an interactive web map that shows the location of all memorial markers on the Binghamton University campus. It comes complete with photos and written descriptions. This was created for the administration and Alumni Relations.

OCCT Transport

Upon request of OCCT, we created an interactive web mapping application that can display all OCCT bus routes and stops. This will enhance students’ abilities to use this bus service.

Other Data Applications

Census  Applications