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Richard E. Andrus

Professor Andrus

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies

PhD, 1974

Syracuse University College of Forestry
Office:  Science 1, Room 165
Telephone:  (607) 777-2160


Email address:

Research Interests:

  • Bryology
  • Problems of Wetlands
  • Tropical ecology and sustainable development



ENVI 101 - Environment and Man/Woman, An Ecological Perspective

ENVI 326 - Forests, Environment, and Civilization

ENVI 331 - Sustainability


Selected Publications:

  • Karlin, E.F. and Andrus, R.E., 1995, The Sphagna of Hawaii, Bryologist, 98: 235-238.
  • Andrus, R.E., Town, W.R. and Karlin, E.F., 1994, New York State Sphagnum revisions, Bull. Tarr. Bot. Club, 121: 69-72.
  • Cooper, D.J. and Andrus, R.E., 1994, Patterns of vegetation and water chemistry in peatlands of the west-central Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA, Can. J. Bot., 72: 1586-1597.
  • Andrus, R.E., Karlin, E.F. and Talbot, S.S., 1992, Rare and endangered Sphagnum species in North America, Biol. Cons., 59: 247-254.
  • Karlin, E.F., Andrus, R.E. and Reed, C.F., 1991, The Sphagnum flora or Delaware, Bull. Tarr. Bot. Club, 118: 43-51.
  • Andrus, R.E., 1990, Why rare and endangered bryophytes? in Mitchell, R., et al. Ecosystem management: Rare species and significant habitats. NYS Mus. Bull. 471, 199-201.
  • Andrus, R.E., and List, A., 1990, Bryophytes of Pennsylvania wetlands, in Majumdar, S.K., et al., Wetlands ecology and conservation: emphasis in Pennsylvania, Penn. Acad. of Sci., Easton, PA.
  • Andrus, R.E., 1988, Two new taxa of Sphagnum in section Cuspidata, Bryol. 91, 364-366.
  • Andrus, R.E., and Karlin, E.F., 1988, The Sphagnum species of New Jersey, Bull. Torry Bot. Club 115, 168-195.

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