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H. Richard Naslund

Professor Naslund

Professor of Geology

PhD, 1980

University of Oregon

Office: Science 1, Room 266
Telephone: (607) 777-4313

Email address:

CV - H. R. Naslund

Research Interests:

Graduate Students:

Jeffrey Carpenter, MS candidate (expected 2015)

James Haddad, PhD candidate (expected 2017)



GEOL 111 - Planet Earth

GEOL 205 - Earthquakes and Volcanoes

GEOL 425/525 - Igneous Petrology


Recent Publications:

  • Naslund, H.R., Aguirre, R., Dobbs, F.M., Henriquez, F.J., and Nystrom, J.O., 2000. The Origin, emplacement, and eruption of ore magmas. IX Congreso Geologico Chileno Actas 2: 135-139.(Preprint)
  • Henriquez, F., Dobbs, F.M., Naslund, H.R., Nystrom, J.O., Travisany, V., 2000. Yaciementos de Fe estratiformes de Sierra Bandera, Distrito Huanteme-Los Colorados, III Region. IX Congreso Geologico Chileno Actas 2: 123-126.
  • Jang, Y.D., and Naslund, H.R., 2001. Major and trace element composition of Skaergaard plagioclase; geochemical evidence for changes in magma dynamics during the final stage of crystallization of the Skaergaard intrusion. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 140: 441-457.
  • Jang, Y. D., Naslund, H.R., and McBirney, A.R., 2001. The differentiation trend of the Skaergaard intrusion and the timing of magnetite crystallization: iron enrichment revisited. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 189: 189-196.
  • Maeda, J., Naslund, H.R., Jang, Y.D., Kikawa, E., Tajima, T., and Blackburn, W.H., 2002. High-temperature fluid migration within oceanic Layer 3 gabbros, Hole 735B, Southwest Indian Ridge: implications for the magmatic-hydrothermal transition at slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges. In Natland, J.H., Dick, H.J.B., Miller, D.J., and Von Herzen, R.P. (Eds.), Proc. ODP, Sci. Results, 176, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 56 p. [Online at: chap_04/chap_04.htm]
  • Naslund, H.R., Henriquez, F., Nystrom, J.O., Vivallo, W., and Dobbs, F.M., 2002. Magmatic iron ores and associated mineralization: Examples from the Chilean high Andes and Coastal Cordillera, in Porter, T.M. (ED.) Hydrothermal iron oxide copper-gold & related deposits: A global perspective, vol. 2, PGC Publishing, Adelade, 207-226.
  • Jang, Y. D., and Naslund, H.R., 2003. Major and Trace Element variation in Ilmenite from the Skaergaard intrusion. Chemical Geology 193: 109-125.
  • Alva-Valdivia, L.M., Rivas, M.L., Goguitchaichvili, A., Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J., Gonzalez, J.A., Morales, J., Gmez, S., Henriquez, F., Nystrom, J.O., and Naslund, H.R., 2003, Rock Magnetic and oxide microscopy studies of El Laco iron-ore deposits, Chilean Andes and implications for magnetic anomaly modeling, International Geology Review 45: 6, 533-547.
  • Henriquez, F., Naslund, H.R., Nystrom, J.O., Vivallo, W., Aguirre, R., Dobbs, F.M., and Lledo, H. (2003) New Field Evidence Bearing on the Origin of the El Laco Magnetite Deposit, Northern Chile - A Discussion. ECONOMIC GEOLOGY 98: 1497-1500.
  • Naslund, H.R., Lledo, H., and Henriquez, F., 2003, Age of Mineralization of the Candelaria Fe Oxide Cu-Au deposit and the Origin of the Chilean Iron Belt, based on Re-Os Isotopes: A Discussion. Economic Geology 98: 1047-1049.
  • Naslund, H.R., and Henriquez, F., 2004. Field Guide to the El Laco Magnetite Deposits. IAVCEI General Assembly 2004, Pucon, Chile, Field Excursions Guide Book, A3, 1-11.(Preprint)

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