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Research Facilities:


The Department has extensive laboratory facilities supporting a wide range of instructional and research activities. Equipment includes two heating-freezing microscopes with video recording capabilities for fluid inclusion studies; a 30'x2'x1.5' recirculating flume for experiments in sediment transport; an experimental petrology laboratory with 15 cold-seal vessels, 2 Ar-media presses, 2 one-atmosphere gas-mixing furnaces, and a piston cylinder furnace; a paleomagnetics laboratory with a slow speed spinner magnetometer and a.f. demagnetizing equipment; a seismic laboratory with a local seismic station and computer links to seismographs around the world; two scanning electron microscopes; and a cathodoluminescence microscope.

During the last 5 years we have obtained new state-of-the-art equipment to improve our research facilities, including: (1) a DCP- atomic emission spectrometer for whole-rock and mineral-separate analyses: (2) a JEOL-8900 'Super Probe' for our electron microbeam facility; (3) a Nikon microscope-photography set up for photomicrographs and videotapes; (4) three classroom monitors for real-time Macintosh, IBM, and Microscope-TV display; (5) a 24-channel high-resolution shallow seismic reflection system; (6) an X-ray diffractometer with computer automation and pattern searching software; and (7) a network of Sun workstations for our Seismic laboratory.

Ongoing research projects involving faculty, staff, and graduate students include field studies in Australia, California, the Canadian Rockies, the Caribbean, Colombia, East Greenland, Idaho, India, Iowa, Mexico, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New Zealand, at sea with the Ocean Drilling Program, Russia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Tibet, Utah, and Venezuela.

Ongoing laboratory studies include computer modeling of earthquake source mechanisms, experimental studies of amphibole stability, computer modeling of Earth tides, oscillations, and wobbles, and analytical studies of whole-rocks, mineral separates, and minerals in thin section.


Facilities and Analytical Equipment:

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