Minor Requirements

Geology Minor

The minor in geology is for students who have a general interest in the Earth sciences. Twenty-four credits are required, from courses offered by the department. No more than eight credits may be 100-level courses. The department recommends that at least eight credits be selected from the geology core courses: GEOL 301; GEOL 302; GEOL 303; and GEOL 304.

Geophysics Minor

This program is primarily for students with some technical background who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of “pure” geophysics. The 24 credits required include one four-credit 100-level geology course; PHYS 331, 341; GEOL 450, 453; and either GEOL 344 or 416.

Geochemistry Minor

The minor in geochemistry is for students with a strong interest in chemistry and Earth science. Emphasis is on the application of chemical principles to geologic processes.

The 24 required credits are: Any four-credit 100-level GEOL course and GEOL 470; eight credits from among the following CHEM courses: 221, 351 (one of 221 or 351 is strongly recommended), 231, 332, 341, 422, 452, 482 or 484; eight credits from among the following GEOL courses: 303; 304; 416; 423; or 465.

Please refer to the University Bulletin for details on required courses for these minors.