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Undergraduate Research

The very best indication that a student is prepared for graduate school or the profession of Geology is the successful completion of a research project. Undergraduate research is not required for Geology majors, but it is certainly recommended. This is, after all, one of the benefits of being a student at a research university. Successful completion of such a project may qualify the student for departmental honors upon graduation.

Here is a list of some recent undergraduate research projects. This list is not complete and can be expected to grow through time. It is included to provide some examples.

  • Amber Whelsky (2009): Titius-Bode Law (a law describing the spacing of planetary orbits).
  • Gabe Lotto (2010): Tornado activity in Upstate New York.
  • Franco Braiotta (2012): Microbiological Sb(V) reduction.
  • Evan Amber (2012): Suppression of hurricane activity by El Nino.
  • Steve LaBrecque (2013): Suburban land use impacts on the hydrology of Upper Fuller Hollow Creek.
  • Anna Sofia Andeskie (2013): Microorganisms and fluid inclusions in gypsum from Sicily (Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow).
  • Sara Kozmor (2013): Fluid inclusions in gypsum from the Messinian Salinity Crisis (Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow).
  • Nora Holt (2013): Changes in the chemical composition of Carboniferous seawater from chemical analysis of fluid inclusions in halite (Harpur College Summer Scholar & Artists Program Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellow).
  • Tasfia Nayem (2013): As(III) oxidation by purple sulfur bacteria drives anoxygenic photosynthesis
  • Kestana Anyoke (2014): Enzymatic pathways of bacterial Sb(V) and As(V) reduction.
  • Graham Killduff (2014): Microbiological metal cycling in roadside soils.
  • Joeseph Visone (2014): Microbiological metal cycling in roadside soils.
  • Kristen Spinelli (2014): Hydrology and ancient lake levels of the Dead Sea Rift.
  • Matt Teich (2014): Physical and chemical hydrology of Bunn Hill Creek watershed.
  • Michael Petro (2014): Outcrop spectral gamma ray analysis of the lacustrine Green River Formation.
  • Colin Pribulick (2014): Calibration of a BGO outcrop gamma ray spectrometer.
  • Colin Rojas (2014): Sandstone quality and provenance of the North American Arctic.
  • David Johnston (2014): Design and fabrication of geologic models using 3D printing.
  • Ethan van Raalte (2015): Chemical evolution of Magadi Basin waters.

Last Updated: 1/16/15