Fellowships and Scholarships

Binghamton University offers both general and specialized fellowship opportunities. Fellowship recipients are typically provided with academic-year stipends, plus full- or partial-tuition scholarships. While recipients must comply with curriculum and academic program expectations, fellowships carry few or no work requirements.

Clifford D. Clark Diversity Fellowship For Graduate Students

The Clifford D. Clark Diversity Fellowship for Graduate Students, which is awarded on the basis of academic merit, includes an academic-year stipend, a full-tuition scholarship, health insurance, research and travel opportunities and other benefits. 

Council/Foundation Award

The Council/Foundation Award for service to the University is the combined award of the Binghamton Council and the Binghamton Foundation presented annually to individuals from the University community. Nominations should be submitted electronically with the nomination form, available on the Council/Foundation Award website.

SUNY Opportunity Programs: Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) And Economically Disadvantaged First Professional Study (EDPS)

The Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) is available to students who were former participants in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) or the Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) Program. GOP provides partial tuition scholarships to qualified students enrolled in a graduate degree program. The Economically Disadvantaged First Professional Study (EDPS) is available to EOP, HEOP or SEEK Program graduates who are entering the PharmD program. 

You must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records by the appropriate deadline. Submit this  Graduate Opportunity Program/Economically Disadvantaged First Professional Study Application and your personal statement to the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@binghamton.edu by June 30 each year to be considered for funding for the following academic year. 

GOP and EDPS opportunity programs are available exclusively to New York state residents.

Louis Stokes Alliance For Minority Participation Bridge To Doctorate Program

The National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded State University of New York (SUNY) Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Bridge to Doctorate (BD) program at Binghamton University helps students obtain PhDs by providing financial support to pursue graduate study; faculty mentors to guide students academically and professionally; and a support network of staff to assist them in accomplishing their goals.

For complete information, visit the LSAMP webpage.

Dr. Bhagwan Gajwani Fellowship

The Dr. Bhagwan Gajwani Fellowship, established in 1998, aims to promote educational and cultural relationships between Binghamton University and the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) of Baroda, Gujarat, India, as well as to help students from Gajwani's homeland develop the expertise and skills to enhance the quality of life for the people of India. Two fellowships are awarded every year and each includes a $12,000 academic-year stipend and a full-tuition scholarship. The fellowships are awarded annually to selected graduates of MSU currently residing in India who have been admitted into a master's degree program in one of the following fields: business administration, computer science, economics or engineering. If there are not any eligible candidates from MSU, the fellowship may be awarded to students who meet the criteria above and graduated from other universities in India.

To apply, answer "yes" to the Gajwani Fellowship question on the graduate degree program application and submit the Gajwani Fellowship Application. To access the Gajwani Fellowship Application form, log in to your graduate application status page with the email and password that you used to create your graduate degree application. The Gajwani Fellowship Application form is available under the Forms section of your status page. The fellowship is generally awarded by April 1; however, applications will continue to be accepted.

Binghamton University Foundation Fellowships

In addition to those fellowships made available through the Graduate School, the Binghamton University Foundation sponsors fellowships that provide full- or partial-tuition scholarships as well as stipends.

Application, selection and notification of fellowships are made through sponsoring departments. Contact your academic department of interest for details.

University Women Female Graduate Student Scholarship

Established in 2003 by the University Women's Club, this scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time, female graduate student in her first year of graduate studies, entering her second year, who demonstrates academic merit and a GPA of at least 3.7. Other criteria considered include overall financial need; a recent or current demonstrated commitment to community service; and a clear vision of intended career goals. The scholarship is renewable if the recipient continues to meet the criteria.

To apply, complete and submit the University Women Female Graduate Student Scholarship Application before the May 15 deadline. Email completed application forms to the Graduate School at graduate@binghamton.edu.

Elizabeth A. Knapp Scholarship For Adult Women

Established in 1985 by colleagues of Elizabeth A. Knapp to honor her 19 years of service to the University, this scholarship assists non-traditional female students with demonstrated financial need who have experienced delays pursuing their education. The scholarship is awarded to women at least 25 years of age who are admitted to or currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, with planned enrollment of at least 6 credits per semester.

To apply or for more information, see the Financial Aid webpage.

Benjamin R. Surovy Endowed Scholarship

The Benjamin R. Surovy Endowed Scholarship aims to give back to Binghamton University by enabling deserving students to earn a graduate degree while honoring the memory of Surovy's parents, who emigrated from Czechoslovakia and lived in Broome County for the rest of their lives. Surovy earned his master's degree in 1972 after retiring from the Air Force and spent the next 20 years serving in various capacities on the professional staff at the University.

The scholarship is awarded annually and the following conditions apply for eligibility:

  • First preference will be given to incoming students who are residents of Broome County in good academic standing.
  • Second preference will be given to incoming graduate students from Slovakia, Czech Republic or other eastern European countries.

No additional application is necessary for this scholarship; eligible applicants are automatically reviewed and a recipient is selected during August of each year.

Grace Chin-Fa And Tsuming Wu Fellowship For The Sciences

Established in 2017, the Grace Chin-Fa and Tsuming Wu Fellowship for the Sciences supports first-year doctoral students in the Harpur College of Arts and Sciences. Wu joined the Physics Department in Harpur College in 1968 and remained on the faculty for more than 40 years.

Students in the natural sciences (biological sciences, chemistry, geological sciences or physics) should discuss potential nomination with the academic department. The scholarship provides students with a full-tuition scholarship and an academic-year stipend. In addition, students receive a summer stipend, which is provided the summer after their first year.

The deadline for nominations is the first Friday in February. Winners will be announced on or before March 1. A nomination package should include:

  • A departmental nomination form describing the attributes of the students, including how he or she will contribute to the academic excellence of Binghamton University.
  • The nominee's application materials.

Nomination materials should all be sent in a single .pdf file to graduate@binghamton.edu.

For department faculty and staff: Wu Fellowship Nomination Form