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Harpur Edge offers programs, services and resources for Harpur College students to provide them with a professional, intellectual and personal edge.

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  • Office Location: Library North, 1105 (near Jazzman's Cafe)
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm (when classes are in session)
  • Phone: 607-777-3626
  • Email:

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Schedule an appointment on B-successful for your personal, professional, and intellectual development.

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Office staff

Student Staff & Interns

  • Emily Low: Graduate Student Associate, Sustainable Communities
  • Seth Gunzburg: Graduate Student Associate, MBA
    • Ashleigh Requijo: Lead Programs Associate, Philosophy, Politics, and Law 
    • Logan Ellingson: Pre-Law Specialist Programs Associate, Political Science + Scholars
    • Julia Flynn: Lead Programs Associate, Psychology + Scholars 
    • Dayana Mazariego: Lead Programs Associate, Interest in Philosophy, Politics, and Law
      • Mahabat A Taha: Programs Associate , English Rhetoric
      • Nora Coppola: Programs Associate, Sociology & Human Development
      • Arianna Mata: Programs Associate, Integrative Neuroscience
      • Jossy Abraham: Programs Associate, Integrative Neuroscience 
    • Amanda Yat:  Social Media and Marketing Lead, Economics
    • Allison Peteka: Marketing & Publications Editor Associate, Comparative Literature, Digital and Data Studies Minor 
      • Katrina Huynh: Social Media Associate, Biology
      • Cecelia Moriarty: Publications Intern, Philosophy, Politics & Law - Environmental Science Minor
      • Emma Piccarillo, Marketing Intern, Philosophy, Politics and Law
    • Allison Sanel: Film Associate, Theatre & Cinema
    • Ahmad Rafique: Film Associate, Exploring 
    • Jade Kirdahy: Graphic Design Lead, Graphic Design
      • Rhea Da Costa: Graphic Design Associate, Art & Design-Drawing
      • Marni Benson: Graphic Design Intern, Graphic Design
      • Haley Keener: Graphic Design Intern, Art & Design- Drawing
    • Klimentina Marder: Data Consultant & Mathematics Associate
    • Melanie Valentin: Counseling Intern, Sociology & History
    • Dipshikka Eneyan: Peer Counseling Intern, Biochemistry
    • Saanvi Shah: Peer Counseling Intern, Biology
    • Caley Maysonet: Peer Counseling Intern, Integrative Neuroscience
    • Jacob Ober: Peer Counseling Intern, Exploring

Harpur Edge is made possible by our generous alumni donors.