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Harpur Edge offers programs, services and resources for Harpur College students to provide them with a professional, intellectual and personal edge.

Where to find us

  • Office Location: Library North, 1105 (near Jazzman's Cafe)
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 10 am - 5 pm (when classes are in session)
  • Phone: 607-777-3626
  • Email:

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Office staff

Student staff

  • Grace Hotopp: Graduate Student Associate, Sustainable Communities
  • Divya Mundackal: Outreach Lead, Political Science
  • Patricia Taylor: Outreach Lead, Political Science/History
  • Farah Azam: Programs Associate, Biological Sciences
  • Abby Cornelia: Programs Associate, Philosophy, Politics & Law/English
  • Emily Low: Programs Associate, Environmental Studies: Public Policy
  • Rojae Manhertz-Patterson: Programs Associate, Chemistry
  • Ashleigh Requijo: Programs Associate, Philosophy, Politics, and Law 
  • Albert Zhang: Programs Associate, Psychology
  • Logan Ellingson: Programs Associate, Political Science + Scholars
  • Julia Flynn: Programs Associate, Biology + Scholars 
  • Anta Noor: Marketing Lead, Biological Sciences
  • Katarina Vattes: Marketing Associate, Psychology/Political Science
  • Evan Lau: Graphic Designer, Graphic Design
  • Rosie Perlstein: Graphic Design Intern, Graphic Design Intern
  • Patrick Sainte Ange: Harpur Film Associate, Sociology and English
  • Tara Regan: Counseling Intern, Psychology

Harpur Edge is made possible by our generous alumni donors.