Edge-Finder Program

Edge-Finder Program for New Students

This program is a high-impact learning scavenger hunt of sorts for first-year undergraduate students at Binghamton University (including transfer students and spring admits). The Edge-Finder program was designed to get students engaged in Harpur College and the University as a whole while they gain professional, personal and intellectual development.

Earn Your Edge-Finder Micro-credential

By completing the Edge-Finder program and earning your digital micro-credential, you will gain experiences across the university, develop career readiness competencies and friendships and meet some really cool Harpur College faculty, alumni, staff and fellow students. Earning an Edge-Finder micro-credential will also earn students preference in the selection process for select Harpur Edge programs like Alumni Lunch and Learns, our Harpur Edge Connection Builder program and others. Students who earn the micro-credential will get Harpur College merch.

  • Learn and Make Harpur College History: Learn about the history of Harpur College and define what being a Harpur student means to you. Also as the inaugural participants in the Harpur Edge-Finder program you will be making Harpur history!
  • Engage in Harpur Edge Professional Development Events: Develop your professionalism and connect with alumni. This will help you to get an edge in your future professional pursuits!
  • Leverage Technology: Leveraging technology is one of the most important skills employers look for in applicants today. After completing this item, you will have enhanced your professional presence and learned how to navigate virtual resources that will support you as you search for jobs and internships.
  • Meet with Harpur Edge Staff: Gaining hands-on experience outside the classroom now can be one of the most impactful ways to envision your future pursuits. Completing this item will help you make meaningful goals and connections and find opportunities beyond the classroom with our staff members' support.
  • Utilize Academic Support Programs: There are many opportunities to find academic support at Binghamton. Completing this item will connect you with some of these helpful resources.
  • Connect with Faculty and GAs: Faculty members are here to support you inside and outside the classroom. Making connections early on with a faculty member can prove to be extremely beneficial as you navigate through your time at Binghamton.
  • Get Involved with Student Organizations: Branching out of your comfort zone allows you to broaden your personal circle of friends and experience a variety of previously unexplored opportunities like future student leadership roles. Completing this part of the checklist ensures your readiness to do so.
  • Cultivate Holistic Wellness with Harpur Edge: Part of being a new student is learning to cope with the challenges that college brings. Having healthy habits and supportive community connections in place is key to student success. You will have cultivated holistic wellness strategies as part of the Edge-Finder program.
  • Explore Identity and Awareness: To get an edge we recommend students know themselves well and their peers.  There are many ways to do this self-reflection and exploration and the checklist will help you to deepen your connection to self and understanding of others around you.

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