Harter Award

Harter Family Mentoring Prize 

Inaugurated in 2020, the Harter Family Mentoring Prize recognizes faculty members whose commitments to their students’ intellectual and creative development goes beyond the classroom. Full or part-time Harpur faculty who have demonstrated substantial involvement with undergraduate students by encouraging research, facilitating scholarly inquiry, providing academic or career advising, and/or stimulating creative endeavors are eligible. Each student is asked to submit only one nomination for the faculty mentor whom they wish to support. A panel of student judges will select the recipient from these nominations. The selected faculty member will be recognized with an award at the Harpur College Faculty Recognition Ceremony.

SUBMIT YOUR Harter Family Mentoring NOMINATION TODAYPlease submit this form by April 5th. Questions about the Harter Family Mentoring Prize for Harpur College Faculty may be sent to harpuredge@binghamton.edu.

  • 2023 Award
    • David Biddle - Undergraduate Advising Liaison and Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics
  • 2022 Award
    • Susan Flynn - Research Educator, First-Year Immersion (FRI) Program and Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Chemistry
  • 2021 Award
    • Elizabeth Casteen - Associate Professor, History
  • 2020 Award
    • Lindsey Swierk - Assistant Research Professor, Biological Sciences

This prize was made possible by a generous gift from Dr. Carol C. Harter '64, MA '67, PhD '70, LHD '14 and Dr. Michael T. Harter '64.