Giving to the History Department

The Department of History is home to faculty and graduate students expert in a vast of array of historical areas and topics. Our mission is to promote the acquisition of skills necessary for rigorous historical research among our majors and the circulation of historical knowledge within the broader public. With these aspirations in mind, the History Department is committed to supporting many different research and teaching enterprises, both traditional and innovative.

Your gift to the History Department general fund will provide vital support for key elements of our mission, including the following: 

  • Scholarships for student majors, especially from underrepresented groups
  • Funding for high impact learning opportunities for our majors, especially off-campus
  • Annual prizes to recognize the excellence of our majors     
  • Research and teaching stipends for our graduate students
  • Research funding for our faculty, graduate students, and majors alike
  • Lectures and event programming for our students and the public


We are grateful for all donations of all sizes. Thank you for your support.

For information about other endeavors that are important to you, including establishing an endowment, giving gifts of stock or including the History Department in your estate plans, please contact your philanthropic partner, Jay Duseau, at or 607-777-4744.

Here is a list of awards/grants made possible by our generous donors:

awards and grants