History Faculty

History Faculty

headshot of Nancy P. Appelbaum

Nancy P. Appelbaum

Professor; Director of LACAS

History; Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program

Research Interests

  • Modern Latin American history
  • Colombian history
  • History of race and gender
  • Latin American immigration
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headshot of Anne C. Bailey

Anne C. Bailey

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies


Research Interests

  • African-American History
  • African Diaspora Studies
  • History and Memory
  • African History
  • Oral History
  • Civil Rights
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headshot of Elizabeth I. Casteen

Elizabeth I. Casteen

Associate Professor of History; Fellow, CEMERS

History; Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Research Interests

  • Medieval and Early Modern European history
  • History of gender and sexuality
  • History of religion and spirituality
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headshot of Jonathan Karp

Jonathan Karp

Associate Professor; Associate Professor/ Undergraduate Director of Judaic Studies

History; Judaic Studies

Research Interests

  • Jewish Economic and Cultural History
  • Christian-Jewish Relations
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headshot of Wendy L. Wall

Wendy L. Wall

Associate Professor; Associate Director

History; The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH)

Research Interests

  • Twentieth-century U.S.
  • Cultural and political history
  • The American West
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Affiliated Faculty

headshot of John Cheng

John Cheng

Associate Professor

Department of Asian and Asian American Studies

Research Interests

  • comparative transnational and intersectional studies of race; gender; and nation
  • popular culture; media; and technology
  • the history of earth; life; and human sciences and of computing
  • historiography and critical theory
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headshot of Shay Rabineau

Shay Rabineau

Assistant Professor of Israel Studies/ Associate Director of the Center for Israel Studies

Judaic Studies

Research Interests

  • Israel/Palestine, Middle East Walking and Pilgrimage Routes
  • Israeli Environmental History
  • Historical Geography of the Middle East
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headshot of Benita Roth

Benita Roth

Director, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS); Professor; Vice President for Academics, Binghamton Chapter, United University Professions (UUP)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Sociology; United University Professions (UUP)

Research Interests

  • Feminist Intersectional Studies
  • Social Protest in the Postwar United States
  • The Politics of Health Activism
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