Binghamton Campus and Community Coalition (BCCC)

About BCCC

The Binghamton Campus and Community Coalition (BCCC) is diverse group of stakeholders representing Binghamton University, SUNY Broome Community College, law enforcement, area businesses, area treatment and prevention service providers, and the general community. The group of 20 to 30 members comes together monthly to discuss how substance misuse is impacting the local community and to develop and implement strategies for reducing harm. 


Mission & Goals

The mission of BCCC is to engage in collaborative partnerships to reduce high-risk substance use by engaging emerging adults using the strategic prevention framework.

The primary goals of BCCC are to:

  1. Develop programs to decrease alcohol and other drug related problems in Broome County.
  2. Reduce access to alcohol and other drugs on Binghamton University's campus and in the community.
  3. Implement screening and brief interventions (SBIRT).
  4. Change attitudes and norms surrounding alcohol and illicit drug use, and prescription drug misuse.

Benifits to joining BCCC: 

  • Volunteer experience
  • Opportunity to strengthen public speaking skills
  • Networking with key campus and local partners
  • Various training opportunities through the coalition
  • Provide valuable information from a students perspective to enact change in the local and campus community