Human Development (BS)

Program Overview

Human Development (HDEV) is one of two undergraduate majors in the College of Community and Public Affairs.

HDEV allows students to explore individual, social and structural aspects of human development as a basis of understanding principles that benefit themselves and others by:

  • achieving a solid foundation in the theories and research defining the field of human development
  • engaging in a critical exploration of social, cultural, economic, historical and political frameworks and the ways in which individuals, families and communities are situated within them
  • developing the understanding and skills needed to enhance and promote diversity, equity and social justice
  • fostering a complex understanding of human conditions.

Committed to exploring issues of equity and social justice and fostering the understanding of complex human conditions, the Department of Human Development values diversity, inclusion and the promotion of positive human development within our rapidly changing global environment.

HDEV students can also minor in immigration studies which focuses on immigration trends and challenges from across the world.

Degrees Offered

  • BS in Human Development

Internships, Research Opportunities and More

While all HDEV students are required to take part in an internship as part of the Practicum in Human Development — the final course taken before graduation — students may also choose to perform additional internships or take part in other learning opportunities.

From local human service agencies to schools, healthcare settings, government offices and Binghamton University offices, the learning opportunities are numerous and diverse. It is not uncommon for students to be hired after graduation by the organizations with which they did their practicums or internships.

These experiences give you a chance to take the knowledge you have gained in the classroom and apply it in meaningful ways on campus or beyond.

Our academic advisor and peer advisors can answer questions about degree planning, course registration, internships and more. They are also a great resource for information about other programs on campus.


Some courses to consider in your first year:

After You Graduate

HDEV is a pre-professional degree that prepares students to go directly into the workforce and provides a solid foundation for advanced degrees. You will find graduates in human development working in the following places:

  • as case managers in human service agencies
  • in hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities
  • in university, college and community college settings
  • within the criminal justice system
  • with children and families in a variety of settings
  • in employee relations settings
  • in advocacy and public policy settings


Accelerated/4+1 Degrees

You may also be interested in our accelerated/4+1 degree programs which allow students to complete their bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just 5 years!