Field Placements


A key feature of the MS in GMAP is a fully funded 4- to 6-month field placement, which will normally be completed after the third semester of full-time study and will provide an opportunity for students to work alongside practitioners, to apply the KSAs from their coursework, and then to reflect on the experience. The Field Placement is a critical design element of the MS in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention.


I-GMAP has received generous donations to provide financial assistance to the students so that the host agencies would not have to pay for students, nor would students have to incur a financial burden. Currently, there are two funds (Pell Graduate Externship in Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention and Unger Family Support Fund) that will assist students complete their field placement requirement.

The field placements will normally span part of the summer and a semester, and the stipend provided will include payment for travel, lodging and a small stipend to cover basic living expenses. The goal of the program is to ensure that placements are made based on the interests of students and needs of organizations, rather than on ability of an organization to pay or of a student to volunteer. 

Potential Field Placement Sites

I-GMAP staff have been identifying appropriate organizational placements and corresponding practitioner supervisors for the field placement experience in the United States and a host of international sites. These include placements with international nongovernmental organizations. Students may, with approval from the Assistant Director of I-GMAP, arrange their own field placements. 

Note: These are representative samples of potential placement sites and not guaranteed host organizations.


For students:

Field Placement handbook