The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) fellowships are a major site of IASH intellectual exchanges. All IASH fellowships are residential and involve a commitment to present one's work in and attend Fellows meetings. The meetings are open to the public on Wednesdays from 12-1:30 p.m.

Public Humanities Grant

IASH, in conjunction with Humanities New York and other partner universities, invites graduate students to submit grant proposals for public-facing projects. Projects may be collaborations between two or more students (although one must be designated as project director). Grants of up to $4000 are available. All proposals must be submitted through Humanities New York's application portal Additional information and guidelines may be found here.

March 20, 2023

Faculty Public Humanities Fellowships from IASH

IASH offers funds for Binghamton University faculty to support workshops, symposia, seed research, or other projects in the Public Humanities. Applications are currently closed.  


Doctoral Fellowships from IASH

IASH offers up to two Doctoral Fellowships to Binghamton University PhD students (ABDs) per semester. For more information, see our Funding page. Applications are available here.

March 24, 2023

Visiting Faculty

IASH offers up to two unfunded fellowships a semester to faculty from other institutions. Please contact IASH at if you are interested in a visiting fellowship.


Faculty Fellowships from IASH

IASH offers up to five fellowships a semester to Binghamton University faculty. Applications are now closed.

Fall 2023

External Funding Opportunities

Scholarships and Other Award Resources (SOAR): This site, maintained by Binghamton's Undergraduate Research Center, provides a searchable database of grants and fellowships for graduate students, postdocs, public humanities scholars, and non-tenure track and tenure-track faculty.

Swarthmore: Arts & Humanities Funding Opportunities : This site offers an alphabetized list of funding programs in the Arts and Humanities.  (It has a parallel list for the Social Sciences.)  Many of the programs offer dissertation fellowships and postdocs, as well as grants for both junior and senior faculty members.  This list is also sortable by grant deadline.  

Boston University Humanities Fellowships and Grants: This site, primarily aimed at faculty members, offers a long alphabetized list of fellowships, grants and awards in the humanities.  In addition to the complete list, it offers a variety of more specific curated lists (e.g. international, short and long-term awards, awards targeting junior and senior scholars, awards for specific geographic regions or fields.)

Carnegie Mellon University Faculty Research Funding List: This site offers a curated list of funding opportunities in the Humanities and Social Sciences, organized by deadline.  Includes brief descriptions of the grants listed.

University of Florida Humanities Fellowships and Grants: Unlike most sites, this one offers lists of funding opportunities specifically targeted at the digital and the public humanities.  (It also offers funding lists divided between faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate applicants.)