Public Humanities

Many Binghamton University faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students are engaged in Public Humanities projects that link Binghamton research and scholarship with local, state, national, and international public outreach and engagement initiatives. These public-facing projects broaden scholarship in the humanities and reduce barriers to the public in accessing, contributing to, and benefiting from Binghamton research. Ultimately, public humanities work at Binghamton both broadens the purview of the humanities and facilitates civic engagement. 

IASH supports public humanities projects in several ways, including grants for faculty and graduate students. IASH also partners with Humanities New York and other humanities centers in New York state to encourage graduate students to pursue work in the public humanities.

IASH can also direct Binghamton faculty and students to resources in getting started with public humanities work. Contact us for more information. 

Current Faculty Public Humanities Projects 

Smaller Narratives for a Larger World

Project PIs: Giovanna Montenagro and Jeroen Gerrits

The Ladino Collaboratory

Project PIs: Bryan Kirschen and Dina Danon

Current Graduate Public Humanities Projects

Coleen Watson (Philosophy)

Title: "The Wisdom of the People"

Liyang Dong (English)

Title: "Immigrant Detainees and Survivors"