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F17 Orientation
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To be accepted, interested applicants must currently be a matriculated student in BISU, ITU, or METU. Information on the application process:

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Spring 2015 Graduation

Current Students

Information on BMail, housing, dining, mandatory health forms, course registration, activities on campus, graduation requirement, OPT, and so on.

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2010 Alumni Meeting in Istanbul

Alumni connection

Whether you've just arrived on campus or graduated for years, join the DDP Group on LinkedIn!

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Contact us

If you have any questions for the Dual Diploma and Collaborative Degree Programs Office, please email directly to

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Dual-Diploma Programs and Collaborative Degrees

These unique and innovative undergraduate programs provide students with an exceptional learning experience and prepare them to succeed in an increasingly globalized world.

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Watch this video to meet a handful of Dual-Diploma Program students:

Last Updated: 10/11/18