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headshot of Stacey Shipe

Stacey Shipe

Chair and Assistant Professor

CCPA Social Work


Stacey Shipe is an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work. Using her practice experience as an administrator in an urban child welfare system, Shipe’s research focuses primarily on organizational culture and its influence on the decision making of front line caseworkers and how these decisions ultimately impact family outcomes. She is also interested in how decisions made based on implicit biases contribute to the long-standing issue of racial disproportionality and disparities in child welfare systems.

Shipe is also beginning to focus on the treatment of custodial, minority fathers as they make their way through traditionally feminized systems, such as in applying for and receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or maintaining custody of their children via family court.


  • PhD, University of Maryland, social work
  • MSc, University of Oxford, evidenced based social interventions
  • MSW, New York University, social work
  • BA, University of Washington, psychology

Research Interests

  • Caseworker decision making
  • Child welfare
  • Mixed-methods research designs
  • Organizational culture