Research Lab

About the Research Lab

The Research Lab for the Institute for Justice and Well-Being (IJWB) is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with direct research experience. The Institute’s Lab provides students with opportunities for the application of research design concepts through supervised research with current Research Affiliates. Students will provide direct assistance to various research projects with the IJWB.

This IJWB Lab is an innovative, multidisciplinary lab that fosters faculty collaboration and provides students with the basic tools they will need to approach a research topic, craft research questions, and conduct research. Students learn how best to address practical and ethical issues in a variety of research methodologies, and how to search for and evaluate relevant secondary sources in the library, online, and secondary data. As a result of participation in the lab, students will be able to develop a well thought out and realistic research plan. 

Faculty Involved

Dr. Naorah Rimkunas is a Professor in the Departments of Social Work and Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership. She is the Principal Investigator on two five-year grants totalling $9.3 M to expand mental health services in New York’s Southern Tier as part of its Mental Health Service Provider Demonstration Grant Program. Dr. Amber Simpson is a Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership. She was awarded a $1.5 M grant to create and support makerspaces for youth to work collaboratively on projects and find support in times of failure

Joining the Research Lab

If you’re interested in joining the IJWB Research Lab, please complete this online application and we will be in communication prior to the start of the next academic term. The application aims to gain an understanding about you, your interest in joining the lab, and your previous research experience, knowledge, and skills. No advanced quantitative or statistical knowledge is required, but will be considered when establishing the members of the research team.

The Lab can be joined and course credit obtained if you are interested in participating in it as an Independent Study course; it may also be joined voluntarily without course credit. Completion of an application will confirm your commitment to participate in two consecutive terms in the lab. Students continuing for consecutive terms are only required to submit their initial application.

The deadline for applications for the IJWB Research Lab are due each semester at the end of the preceding term, on the following dates: Dec 5 and May 5.

Interviews will be scheduled prior to the start of each term.

The application can be found here.