How to Add Yourself to a Waitlist

  • Courses that have a blue W next to them have a waitlist. If the course has seats remaining (SR), just register right into the course. The waitlist for a course does not become active until all the spots have been taken.
  • If the course has more than one lab section (PSYC 344 Research Methods), then each lab section has its own waitlist. Simply waitlist yourself for the one lab section that you prefer.
    • Remember when you accept an invitation to register, that you should register for both the lecture and discussion section.
  • DO NOT TRY TO SWITCH SECTIONS of a course or lab you are waitlisted for. Doing so will drop you from the waitlist.
  • You CANNOT trade sections. You stay in the section you registered for or you add yourself to the bottom of the waitlist for a different section.
  • If there is a "C" for "Closed" in the far left column, and a zero in the seats Remaining column, the course does not have a seat available.  You might notice a difference between the Capacity (total number of seats) and Actual seats taken. (For example, the Capacity is 25 and Actual seats occupied is 24, but there is still a zero in the seats Remaining column.)
  • In this case, do not drop yourself from the waitlist and attempt to register for this course. The reason why it appears there is one seat available is because a student on the waitlist received an invitation to register for the course and a seat is available for that student ONLY.
  • Registering for a waitlist works the same exact way as registering for any other classes – except it requires a few more clicks!
    • When you try to register for a closed course, you will get an error message that says "Closed Section," and this is perfectly normal.
    • Next to this message, you will also see a drop-down menu (under "Actions").
    • Click on the drop-down menu and hit "Waitlist." Then, press "Submit Changes" located on the bottom of the page.
    • Then, you will see a confirmation message that says "Waitlisted." You're now waitlisted for that course!
    • After you have signed up on the waitlist, confirm that you are properly placed on the waitlist by going to Student > Registration > Registration History and you will see something like this:

26163 PSYC 344 Research Methods 0.000 Undergraduate Waitlist Nov 17, 2022

*Note that the course does not bear any credits (since you are waitlisted) and that it says "Waitlist on Date."

Ultra-Important Things to Know about Waitlists:

  • Check your email every 12 hours to see if you have received an email from the registrar that says that a seat has become available. You have 24 hours to add yourself to the course from the time you received the email (not when you open the email). If you do get the email, you must add yourself to the course on BU Brain by going to "Add or Drop Courses" and selecting "Register" from the same drop-down menu as when you were signing up on the waitlist.
  • Putting yourself on the waitlist does not mean that you are guaranteed a spot OR you are enrolled in the course.
  • If you get an email offering you a seat in the course that you no longer want to take, please drop the course as soon as possible so that other students can enroll.

Each department has a different way of implementing waitlists, so please contact your department directly if you have any questions regarding waitlists. Best of luck with registration!