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Finding a Doctor or Hospital when Using the International Student Health Insurance

When choosing a doctor to visit, or a hospital for treatment in the United States, make sure that the doctor or hospital is part of GeoBlue's U.S. network as a “preferred provider.” 

By using a “preferred provider”, you will avoid having to pay the difference between the provider's charge and the rate that the insurance company contracts to pay for a particular service.  For example, if a “non-preferred provider” charged $100.00 for an office visit and HTH Worldwide Insurance Services pays at their contract rate of $75.00 for a “preferred provider”, you will be responsible for the difference of $25.00. 

To determine who is a preferred provider, go to this link. 

  1. In the box "Already A Member", Fill in the letters 'QHS'.
  2. Follow the prompts to refine your search.
  3. Click on "Go".

NOTE: All of the local hospitals (UHS Binghamton General Hospital, UHS Wilson Medical Center and Lourdes Hospital) are participating “preferred providers” in the GeoBlue System.

If the Decker Student Health Services Center is closed for an extended period and you must see a doctor off campus you have the option of going to a local medical “walk-in” clinic. The clinics are staffed by professional medical staff and you do not have to make an appointment to see a doctor. Both United Health Services (UHS) and Lourdes Hospital operate several walk-in clinics in the Binghamton area. The closest walk-in clinic to campus is UHS Vestal, which is on the Vestal Parkway directly across from the University’s main entrance. Click on United Health Services Clinics and Lourdes Hospital Clinics to view a complete list.

Last Updated: 6/22/16